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birth photography and videography

starting at $1250


Hiring a professional ensures that every detail of that day, whether big or small, is preserved.

Currently booking 2024 due dates

  • consultation in person or via phone

  • on call from 38 weeks

  • birth coverage from active labor and approximately 2 hours after delivery

  • custom online gallery

  • print release of all images

 All  Birth packages  include:


What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is a way to document labor, delivery, birth, and the initial post partum period.

But it is also so much more... it is capturing the incredible strength of mom as she labors, the many hands that tend to her when words become lost, the support of her partner, proud siblings, loving friends and family, those perfect tiny toes, and everything else that makes this birth unique.

What type of birth's do you attend?

There is so much diversity in birth, and all of it is beautiful, therefore I do not have a "type". If there is a baby coming, I will be there, no matter the location (so long as the facility permits photography)!

What happens if I have a C-section?

Edit for 2022* Due to ever changing hospital regulations, I am sometimes allowed as a guest in hospital births at this time. Please consult your hospital on their current visitor policy.


Belly births are so beautiful, and you absolutely still have a story to tell. So many hospitals are now photographer friendly, but discuss this with your doctor ahead of time and advocate for your desire to have a photographer with you no matter how you deliver.

Why is birth photography so expensive?

Most babies do not arrive on their due date, therefore in order to attend your birth, I maintain an on-call lifestyle the weeks leading up to your due date, and then some, for all you mommies who cook babies longer. There is also not a set time that I am committing to be at your birth, because babies come when they come. Sometimes it is within an hour of me arriving, and sometimes it is 15 hours after I arrive. The price of birth photography reflects the time being offered, and helps me cover my expenses of being at your birth (child care, tolls, parking, food, etc.) on top of the Incredible photos I will be capturing and editing. My time and equipment is not something I take lightly.

When will you come to my birth?

Communication is crucial for ensuring I make it to your birth. I like to be with you once you are in active labor, or 6-7cm for those who are being checked. Opting out of checks, no problem! I use my experience to gauge the intensity of your labor, pattern of contractions, and other indicators as available.

How long do you stay?

Throughout your labor, and approximately 2-3 hours after delivery. I try to stay for the newborn exam, introductions to family, herbal bath, and all the snuggles!

Due to hospital restrictions right now, in the event of a transfer, I am sometimes unable to transfer with families so I will document everything I can, but do not offer discounts or refunds for transfers.

What if you miss my birth?

I believe that I will be at every birth that God intends me to be at (and I haven't missed one yet)! I take a limited number of births each month, and also have a backup photographer in the event that I am unable to attend your birth, which is no extra cost to you.  

BUT. In the event that I do miss your birth, there is generally a transfer of services, but I do not offer refunds. Your contract will outline the details of this situation.

Do you use flash?

In most birthing situations, I do not. I do recommend keeping some light available in the room (a lamp, window light, etc.) to help me get clear images, but I want to capture your labor as it is, not through rose filtered glasses. If you birth was dark and cozy, I want your gallery to reflect that. In rare instances, I may use flash, but it is done in a discreet manor that is not usually noticeable by mom. 

What if I really do/do not want graphic images?

This is YOUR birth, and I will respect your wishes on level of modesty. We will discuss these types of questions in your consultation so that I can provide a gallery that you are happy with.

Will you share my images on social media?

I only share images when my clients have signed a model release or given me specific permission for a single image. Even with that model release, I always want you to feel comfortable and will only share images that you are comfortable with me sharing. 

Do you offer payment plans? Birth is expensive!

I absolutely am happy to work out payment plans. I do require that births are paid in full by 36 weeks, so please contact me early enough to get on my calendar if you are hoping to utilize a payment plan. 

I want to capture my new baby, but don't think birth photography is right for me. What are my options?

Check out my in-home lifestyle sessions! I will come to your home to capture all the tiny goodness that is your new baby in the comfort of your home some time in the first 2 weeks after birth.

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