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Commonly asked questions about Birth Photography

Welcome! Im guessing you clicked this link to find answers to some questions with out the pressure of talking to a person, so I hope you find them!

My name is Bethany and I am a photographer based in Fort Worth TX. I love everything about birth and find so much Beauty in all types of birth. No matter if you are planning a natural, hospital, home, cesarean, surrogate, or any other type of birth, Birth photography is here to capture your story. So lets begin...

What is Birth Photography?

  • #Birthphotography is a photo-journalistic style of photography that captures and documents the story and details of your birth.

What does "On-call" mean?

  • Because birth is unpredictable, your photographer will make themself available to come to your birth starting a few weeks before your estimated due date. For me, this means starting at 38 weeks (unless we agree on a different date). I will make every effort to be at your birth, just like the rest of your birth team. If you call in the middle of the night, I will come.

Is my place of delivery going to allow a photographer in the room?

  • It is very important that you check with your provider and place of delivery to see if they limit the number of people that can be in the room with you. Hospitals are more likely to have strict policies due to the size of rooms. If you are only allowed 2 people in the room, your photographer would be one of those people. Be sure to talk with your provider about your desire to have a photographer.

When should I call my birth photographer?

  • You should let your photographer know when any major changes happen. Because they are on call, any advance notice of changes will help them to know and gauge when to come. When you start having regular contractions, you (or your partner/doula) should definitely call your photographer.

  • You should absolutely call your photographer if your water breaks, you are leaving for place of delivery, or if you are scheduled for an induction.

Will I bother my photographer with updates?

  • Not a single ounce! I ask that my clients text me weekly starting at 38 weeks after their appointments to report station, dilation, and effacement. I also have them text me anytime they have contractions that feel like they are going somewhere, because I would rather be ready to go for a false alarm than miss a birth.

What if I don't stay covered (this is birth after all)?

  • Your photographer understands that women in labor often remove clothing. A lot of birth photographers are mothers themselves, and will not be offended or caught off guard by you doing what you need to do in labor, including removing clothing.

Will my photos be sharable?

  • If you want your photos to remain free of nudity, you should absolutely have that conversation with your photographer before you go in to labor. We might have to get creative, but we can absolutely still tell your birth story and keep you modest. You should also let your birth team know that you would like to keep X amount of clothing (bra/tank top/ etc.) on so that they can help you do that throughout your birth even if you aren't focused on it.

Will you take pictures of the baby crowning?

  • Birth photography is more than crowning shots. If you want them, we will capture it, and if you don't then we will choose a different angle and focus on other things (faces/ providers/ etc.).

How long will the photographer stay after I give birth?

  • Most photographers will stay between 1-2 hours after birth. I stay 2! This is when we will capture baby's first latch, measurements, your first family photo and so much more!

Do you have a question that wasn't answered here? Leave a comment below and I will aldd it to my list!

Talk soon,


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