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How to take great photos without a Photographer

With photographers being quarantined just like the rest of the world, I'm going to share some tips for taking great photos so that you don't miss out on these precious memories!


Look for the light!

In general, you want to use one light source that ideally isn't coming from the ceiling.

Turn off the overhead lights.

Use the window light.

See how the light comes in from the window and casts beautiful clear light onto the babe?

Bring a blanket and some accessories to dress up the bassinet if you are going to take some pictures at the hospital. You can take similar pictures at home with a basinet or crib at home.


You can create interest by what you choose to include in the image (composition). By cropping out dads face, your eye is drawn directly to the baby's head and dads hands.

Also, turn your phone sideways to take pictures horizontally! Most photographers shoot this direction so it will help your photos seem more professional.

Most importantly, keep your photos simple. You don't need a ton of props. The focus should be on baby.

The window is off the left side of this image and provides beautiful light and dark areas in this photo.


Be sure to take a few images of your new baby's tiny features. Hair. Toes. Fingers. Ears. Rolls. Nose. They all mater and these are the things you don't want to forget.


Don't take photos up baby's nose. Try from the side. Try from the top. Try straight over. But whatever you do, don't shoot up the nostrils.


Choose a setting on your phone that blurs the background (portrait mode, etc.) for at least some images.

Disable your on camera flash.


I know there are many of you grieving the loss of your ideal birth plan which includes not having a photographer available for your birth and or newborn sessions. If you are one of my clients I would love to edit your photos for you for free! If you aren't a client yet, but want to be, send me a message and I would love to help you as well!

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Ask for help when you need it.


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