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Questions to ask your provider

Having a baby is pretty straight forward. They grow inside your uterus for approximately 9 months and then they have to come out. For many that means a vaginal birth. Some will choose a drug free birth, others will want or need an epidural. For others, a cesarean surgery is baby's way of exit. If you have your sight set on a certain type of birth, these questions will be even more important to make sure that your provider is a good fit for you and your birth plan.

So let's jump right in.

If you are hoping for a vaginal birth these are important questions to ask:

What is your C-section rate?

  • you want this number to be LOW. Providers with a high c-section rate are showing you that they may not be as willing to let your body lead labor.

What is your transfer rate?

  • if you are planning on birthing out of hospital, knowing how often your provider has to transfer clients to a hospital will give you some insight into your odds.

Do you allow VBAC?

Do you allow birth photography?

Can my photographer take crowning shots?

Will I see you every appointment?

How many sonograms do you typically do?

Are there any risks for multiple sonograms?

What positions can I labor in?

What positions can I push in?

Do you allow laboring in water (tub or shower)?

Can I have a water birth?

What type of supplements should I be taking?

  • Are they recommending any old prenatal or do they have a list of supplements? Taking care of your whole person is something to look for.

Is there an on call number for emergencies?

If my water breaks, what protocol do you follow?

When do you typically start induction protocols?

Do you do pelvic exams during labor? Can I refuse them?

If you are unable to be at my birth, who will come in your place?

How many people can be in the room with me while I labor?

Do you support me having a doula present?

Do you offer delayed cord clamping?

Can I keep my placenta?

Can I leave my baby attached to the placenta until after both are birthed?

Can we do skin to skin immediately after birth?

Do you offer breast feeding support?

How long will I stay at the hospital/birth center after birth?

Bethany laboring
Laboring with my second - Photo by Sarah Lisle Photography

Remember that this is your birth, your body, your baby, and YOU get to choose your provider. Find one that will support you in your birth plan, whatever that may be.

If you have any other questions you would add to this list, comment below and I will add them on.

Now go be the boss of your own birth...


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